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This blog is specifically catered to mountaineers but does not discriminate audiences interested in the topic being covered in the blog. All audiences are welcome to use this blog but its primary focus are those who are enthusiasts of the sport, beginners looking to try mountaineering, or experienced climbers looking for recommendations, reviews and tips about mountaineering.

This blog does not discriminate audiences in terms of age or gender but the articles are primed for people over the age of 18. This is a family-friendly blog but due to possible content that may include dangerous and risky activities, adults are the encouraged audience. In no activity or form does this blog condone children to do risky and possibly dangerous activities without parental consent.

The blog is not currently accepting any kinds of articles. Any requests or suggestions for future topics made known to the blog authors through email or through the comment section are welcome. You have no ownership regarding the created articles regardless if the idea came from you. The blog owners and the authors own all articles published within the blog.

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The only content owned by you, the readers, are comments written in the comment section and the community. Thus, the blog owners and authors do not have any jurisdiction in the comment section and the community unless regarding comments that uses and encourages violence or abuse of any kind. In such a situation, the blog owners can exercise their right to block users or delete comments meeting such criteria. The privacy policy within other commenting tools and websites follow the policies set by those websites and releases any liability or responsibility that this blog may have.

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This blog hosts sponsored content and offers services for all kinds of business. It does not have any liability or responsibility on how the readers consume, acquire or use the presented sponsored products and services. The blog owners or authors have no liability on sponsored products and services itself, the liability lies to the businesses that created and have property rights towards those products or services.


In no shape or form can this blog be reproduced. The reader is granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license and thus cannot repost, reproduce or claim ownership of any original logos, articles, images or graphics that is used and posted within this blog. Other images and graphics that is used by this blog that is specified to be under a creative common attribution license and is labeled as a royalty free item is free to use, as long as consent from the blog owners and authors are given.

These terms and conditions can be changed without prior notice. Access to this blog may be suspended without any prior announcements for any reason whatsoever. These terms and conditions will be applicable even if the blog itself is terminated and is inaccessible.

The Terms of Service applies to all users and visitors of this blog throughout the year 2016. By accessing this blog, you knowingly accept these terms and conditions as well as the repercussions that are associated with them.