Surmountthesummit.com is a blog that aims to feature the great community of mountaineers who are like-minded in their search for adventure. It is a one-stop resource to help adventure seekers and nature lovers to conquer that next summit. It produces and collects the best tips and resources in one place to make it easier to share information between enthusiasts of the sport.

In essence, it aims to create a community to connect individuals with the same passion and with the same drive. Through daily blog posts that share the best tips from experienced climbers, offer comprehensive and unbiased reviews of the best mountaineering tools and gadgets available as well as offering a space for discussions and recommendations from other similar risk-loving people, this blog hopes to guide you along the way.


Expect unique and insightful articles that tackle the challenges that await you. From the preparation until the final stage of the ascent, you will find useful and inspiring articles. Not sure where to climb next? Just wait for the next post about the best climbs and trails. Are you about to go on a vacation? Do not forget to check out articles about unique and exotic climbs in different countries, from North America to Asia.

The blog will also present different tips and tricks to make your climb the most enjoyable it can be. This can be achieved by providing information about the different kinds of climbs that you can expect, the degree of difficulty and the possible hazards that may make the ascent more challenging. If you are new to this kind of sport, do not worry the newbie guide is there for you.

You can expect a diverse set of advice columns suited for the beginners. How to pack for your first climb, easy survival and camping tips and the newbie mountaineer jargon guide are only some of the topics that you can look forward to. Most importantly, you will be exposed to ways on how to adapt and to thrive in an ever-changing landscape, which is the main focus of a true mountaineer.


Expect concise and insightful reviews of well-known brands as well as of independent, largely unknown businesses that specialize on mountaineer tools and equipment. This is to increase your choices and to give you more control in terms of selecting your mountaineering gadgets and provisions.

Though the site is looking into possible sponsorships, the priority of this blog is to offer the optimal equipment and services to ensure the safety of mountaineers. You can look forward to detailed and honest technological reviews regarding different applications or the latest releases of various products like shoes, backpacks and other similar equipment.

Health & Lifestyle

The most expensive or the most technologically advanced materials do not make a mountaineer. One must also take care of his or her health. It will also feature different information about the latest diets and exercises well suited to the kinds of movement often used by climbers. The varying training routines that one can undergo to ensure an efficient ascent depending on the kind of climbing or trekking that you are interested at.

Other than articles focusing on attaining peak physical health, expect a number of posts regarding motivation. The athlete who keeps training for endurance but neglected the final moments, that final push near the end will not be a well-rounded climber. This kind of thinking is useful not only in conquering that peak but also in many challenges that you may encounter along the way.


The heart of this blog is the people, the people who love challenges and take risks almost constantly. People who are naturally risk-takers and who are driven to conquer nature’s obstacles. This blog wants to connect this type of people who share the same goal and the same passion. Through the community feature, a climber can maintain contacts and most of all meet new friends to share an adventure or two.

It is a bulletin-board type of service wherein various people or teams can connect and communicate with one another, to share opinions, post climbing schedules, reviews or tips and recommendations. Through this service, mountaineers can have a communication hub to easily organize new projects as well as meet other individuals who share the same interests.