“Join us!” is the statement normally used by other groups or organizations that would want you to join their cause. But here at Surmount the Summit, we don’t want you to just join us, we are mountaineers and so we prefer for you to come and be one with us.

The Surmount the Summit Community is composed of Earth-loving people who want to challenge their way of life by conquering mountains. The community that teaches you to listen to sound advice as well as the sound of the jungle. It’s a community that lets you communicate with others as well as allows you to communicate with nature. This is a community that keeps your feet on the ground as well as keeps your footing on the ground.

The Surmount the Summit community does not want you to join but rather you become one with the group. Together we become closer to each other, closer to ourselves, and closer to Earth.

By being part the Surmount the Summit Community, you will discover the different people that share the same passion that you possess – the passion of conquering mountains. The community may be composed of accomplished people, students, parents, and professionals, as well as novice, experienced, and professional mountaineers. They are all connected by their passion for surmounting the challenges presented to them.

In the community, you will find topics you may find interesting, being discussed from different angles and perspective – thus, giving you different ideas. The community knows that by developing and making itself better, it will effectively make each member better as a person. The community does not necessarily encourage radical thinking it only wants its members to think and by extension, see what they often overlook.

The Surmounting the Summit community can offer so much for your personal development and the same can be said in the community’s involvement in the growing mountaineering industry. It supports the idea of bringing the demands of the mountaineers to brands and companies. The same can be said for these manufacturers’ products, as the blog brings them closer to the consumers. With the help of the different services and information offered by the blog the Community can address their wants and needs to the producers.

The blog also offers advertising services for small and large sized businesses so that they can update and increase their production to suit the needs of not just the Surmount the Summit community but for all interested. As the community grows so does the industry created by the demand it creates. So everyone in the community can expect better quality and services.

What’s to expect from being part of the Community?

The Surmount the Summit Community can surprise you in many ways – and that is why you should always be on your toes. The community can guide you as you conquer your goals, may it be the actual Mt. Everest or your own personal Mt. Everest (or in other words, the challenges you’re facing in life). We do not promise smooth sailing throughout your journey with the Community but expect it to be an emotional and mental roller coaster as you go through the different phases of gaining knowledge and experience.

The Surmount the Summit Community only wishes to make its members better in every aspect of life while keeping in touch with our primal spirit and most importantly, the Earth. So now would be the right time to be with us as we chase our life goals towards a better future. Join us today! We’re all waiting for you – we’re eager to hear your story as you become part of ours.