Here in Surmount the Summit, we cater to experienced mountaineers, first-time mountaineers, and those who are just interested in anything and everything about mountaineering.

The blog provides basic services and information for entry level mountaineers that are willing to eager learn the ways of the mountain. Basic information that ranges from what to wear when scaling a mountain to types of clouds that could be used for easily determining the weather. The blog also features new gears and apparels from top and reliable brands that offer items for outdoor activities.

Mountaineering is a very challenging outdoor activity and we know very well the feeling of doing it the first time, and that is why we would like to help those who are new and interested in the best way we could by posting important how-to’s, informative articles, and technical matters to ensure a safe, fun and very fulfilling mountaineering activity.

For experienced mountaineers, the blog can only offer so much. Experienced mountaineers can share their experiences and give us tips and life hacks that may someday come in handy. As for our side, you may find in the blog featured trail sites that the blog has recommended and studied to give you different perspectives on how to tackle the said area.

We also keep track of the latest happenings and news in the mountaineering world, keeping you updated and interested enough to fuel your enthusiasm while also encouraging discussion between you and your friends. The blog also features gears, accessories and clothing that you may be interested in but could not be easily found, so just feel free to browse around.

The blog tries not to limit its gathered knowledge and information sharing only to mountaineers and so we provide services that are of value to businesses that are centered on mountaineering. The blog offers advertising opportunities to businesses of all sizes. The blog could also help in bringing the customers closer to the mountaineering shops but not necessarily by actively advertising the shops – this is done by simply making the general public aware of the existence of these shops and the services they offer.

Still, the blog is a place of sharing and learning and so we will do our best to practice neutrality and execute fair treatment to everyone involved. By browsing our blog, the business owners can also gain knowledge of current mountaineering trends and identify high demand items that are sure to increase their sales and reputation.

The blog was made to be an information gathering and sharing site wherein individuals that are interested in mountaineering can find people who share their passion and items that suit their needs. With this, they develop a better understanding of their passion. The blog wants to do everything that can be done for all those interested, ranging from blog passers-by to professional mountaineers – of course, this also includes business owners with target markets mainly composed of mountaineers.

That is why we arranged the blog in a way that it provides information at the utmost convenience of the viewer wherein everything is accessible to achieve hassle-free browsing. That is why from one mountain lover to another, we would like to wish you a fun and learning experience and hope that we have been helpful in your quest to become better and that may our paths cross again.

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